Organizational Structure

The structure of the organization comprises of the Board, Executive Director, Operations,Programme, as well as Consultants. The organization maintains a fairly vertical structure which emphasizes on hierarchical existence. The organogram is as attached below:

Governance and Management Structure

The Board is made of 2 permanent members and 1 nominal member. The Board is the apex arm of the organization and is responsible for ensuring the sustainable growth and development of the organization. The main functions of the Board include policy formulation, coordination and fundraising.

The core team while reporting to the Board coordinates day to day management of the organization. The core team comprises of the Executive Director (ED), Operation Manager, State Program Managers, M&E officers, Finance/Admin officers, Procurement/logistics officers, Program Officer, Program Assistant and many consultants. The main functions of the core team are 1) translation of the policies of the organization 2) coordination of the organizational activities 3) Ensures effective and efficient utilization of organizational resources (human, material and finance) and 4) designing/developing concept notes/proposals and implementation frameworks.