Strategies & Principles

Strategies and Principles

Our strategies and principles are:

  • We partner with organizations, communities and individuals to provide cost effective and sustainable solutions to problems. We partner because we believe and are convinced that problems and solutions are best define and determined through effective partnership.


  • We are committed to being innovative in our approaches to service delivery. We recognize the fact that it is a risky venture but provides basis for maximizing learningand breakthroughs.


  • We work in partnership with high quality consultants to execute services.Development issues are broad and multi-dimensional. We therefore believe weshould develop partnership and work with quality consultants to increase synergy,effectiveness and efficiency.


  • We adopt participatory approaches in service delivery to enhance client’sparticipation and ownership of initiatives, solutions or projects. Participatoryapproaches with the right facilitation and attitude empowers a client to be part ofthe problem solving that concerns him or her. In this sense, the client can develop self-confidence and be self-reliant to deal with a range of other issues.


  • We offer both generic and specific demand driven training/services to meet thecritical needs of clients. While we believe that demand driven services provide highopportunity for sustainability, we are also convinced that generic services equallyhave potentials in addressing other “hidden” needs of the client.